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We'll buy your car - just tell us your number plate and mileage.

Even if you don't decide to buy a car from HPL Motors, we will still buy your old car from you.

All we need is your car's registration and mileage, and a way to contact you with your valuation.

Let's get a great valuation for your car!

Finding the right car valuation can be tricky if you have limited motoring knowledge. There seems to be so much choice, with a million and one providers claiming to offer you the best deal – when all you really want to know is: “How much is my car worth?"

After all, the better the price, the more options you have when it comes to purchasing your new car.

At HPL Motors we appreciate that not everybody is a motoring expert and we also understand the importance of getting the correct deal. Which is why our three-step used car valuation tool is the perfect solution for you.

Simply give us a few details on your car – like its mileage, general condition and MOT status, and we will give you a valuation estimate in seconds. A member of our team will even give you a quick call to go into your estimate in more detail.

So when it comes to getting an accurate used car valuation, we keep you firmly in the driving seat.

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